The first street food stall in the world to be awarded a Michelin star…

For 30 years Mr Chan, has worked at least 100 hours a week. In the last 8 years, he has been selling his own special chicken noodle meal for less circa $2 a plate. Today, Mr Chan Hon Meng’s small and modest soya sauce chicken stall made dinning history as it became the first street food stall in the world to win a Michelin star.


Behind the hot and stuffy stall, Mr Chan turns himself into an ultrasonic chopping machine churning out plate after plate of savoury soya sauce chicken noodle. The not-very-tall chef customised his workspace to ensure the chopping board and cooking table top are at the optimal height for him. It is his super high efficiency that allows him to sell 150 chicken a day. If we are to do his job, most of us would have dislocated our shoulder or wrist in less than a day.

Most street food vendors wear T-shirt to work given the hot and oily working environment but not Mr Chan who puts on white uniform everyday. He has 6 of these uniforms and one with logo for special occasion. He takes pride in his trade and this is being professional.

Talked about his food, Mr Chan eyes lit up. “My chickens are from Malaysia and are leaner compared to chickens from colder countries. If I use chicken from other countries, the taste will be not be as good.”. He also shared with me his recipe which I promised not to reveal in this article.

Just a really nice story! Hard work does pay off!!