McDonald’s teams up with Google & Alexa

Fast food giant McDonald’s, have introduced a new system that allows jobseekers that desire to work with the company to apply for jobs using Alexa or Google Assistant.

The internationally recognised food chain is making efforts to attract new talent with increasingly popular voice-powered assistants taking answers to a few regulatory questions such as name, job area of interest and location.

With the Apply Thru skill activated on Alexa devices, jobseekers simply have to to pose the statement: “Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s”.

Or similarly on a google device, users can just ask the question “OK Google, talk to McDonald’s Apply Thru.”


Once they have provided the necessary information, potential applicants will receive a text message providing them with a link to continue with their application.

Chief people’s officer at McDonald’s, David Fairhurst said, “We must continue to innovate and think of creative – and in this case, groundbreaking – ways to meet potential jobseekers on devices they are already using, like Alexa.”

“Alexa has many of the qualities we look for on our teams – friendly, responsive and fun. I am looking forward to having our application process simplified with Alexa.”

The new idea has been implemented in Ireland, the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

This is the latest move into the tech sector from the fast food brand, after recently announcing that it had purchased a voice-based start-up company to make its drive-thru ordering process automated.

The introduction of this system is designed to make the whole experience faster, simpler and more accurate, McDonald’s said, and it could be incorporated into mobile ordering kiosks.

The company also acquired an artificial intelligence machine-learning company back in March of 2019, which will automatically change drive-thru panels depending on factors such as weather, time, restaurant traffic and current trends.



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